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Cycling Academy | BikeEvolution

Don’t know how to ride a bike? Afraid to bike in Sofia? Want your kids to learn to how ride a bike? We offer several programs in our Cycling Academy:

Cycling for kids:

For children, lets say upto 14 years, we offer a special program in one of the parks. Some practice of the basic skills, lots of attention for safety and of course many games are part of the progam. Contact us for details.

Cycling for beginners:

Of course, when you where a kid you had a bike, maybe one with 4 wheels to keep the balance. All the skills are forgotten and now you want to start all over. Contact us for details.

Confident cycling:
You know the basics but the traffic is realy scary? Indeed it can be. Learn how to navigate in the traffic in a safe and sound way from our experienced instructors. The training combines theory with practice and includes:

  • Understanding the parts of the bike and its operation and maintenance;
  • Exercises to keep balance;
  • An hour (at least) cycling through the city with lots of practical advice on how to bike safely;
  • Traffic rules (the official once and the common sense once) for cyclists;
  • Tips for choosing a route.

The Confident Cycling Class is every wednesday, starting at 18:00, but on prior registration only. Send us an email via the form below. The costs are 14 Leva per person.

For groups (6 or more) we can make a special arrangement on other days and location, contact us for details.

You dont have a bike? You can rent one at:

http://compass-bikes.com/ – (members of Bike evolution get a discount!!)


Check out our instructors!



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