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radiRadost Petrova

One of my strongest desires as a teenager was to be able to go to school by bicycle. It could not happen then and now my wishes have grown; I want to go anywhere with my bike. I am one of the first members of “Bike-Evolution”, bought an urban bike and since seven years I roam the streets of Sofia on my bike at will. Quickly I found out that to be part of the traffic is a pleasure and a responsibility. This helped me and inspires me to help other cyclists. My cycling courage would not be the same without instructions of Orlin. In recent years, I saw that many people need advice on those first kilometres cycling in the city and I can help you to be a more confident cyclist in the city.

orlinOrlin Tenchev

Since I was a kid, I ride a bike and in 90% of the time I’ve done so on the streets and not just in a park or in the forests. The first bike that I bought myself was when I was in the 10th grade. To allow me to go to school on the bike, I had to choose a safe route – so I promote safe cycling in the city 🙂 10 years already I ride a bike in Sofia – more than 300 days a year. Sometimes I drive a car – just to show myself again that the bike is easier and more enjoyable when it comes to travel in the city. Sometimes I walk – often it’s because of another person who is without a bike. Do not take the time to read novels or games on the phone, so I do not use public transport. I know some things about cycling in the city and I would share them with others.

filipFilip Mirazchiyski

My name is Filip and I’m a member of Veloevolution since a year. The people I met there made me feel welcome and always seemed to have been friends for years . I started cycling when I was 7 years old and went through all kinds of bicycles – Balkanche, BMX, mountain and urban. I guess I biked over 10 000 kilometres by now. The last four years I use my bike for transportation and not only for pleasure. I dare say that in addition to an excellent biker I am an excellent driver with six years of service without a single violation. Driving a car definitely helped me to better navigate and cycling, combining bike lanes and car lanes. I’m not reckless, but I’m not afraid to drive a par with cars – something that unfortunately in Bulgaria can often be overwhelming. Two years ago, I was honoured by the club “Safe Streets” and became an honorary member of the club. Currently I ride a big city-bike, a Dutch bike, which I take to go to work, go shopping and entertainment. One of my dreams is to help as many people to discover the freedom of movement with the bike and become happier, healthier, wealthier and more independent. I have a personal blog (methink.net), one of the main topics I write about is bicycle mobility and urban environment.

rene3Rene Boesten

I bike because I am a bit lazy; biking is the most easy and convenient way to get around in busy cities. Born in the Netherlands, many people think that I was born on a bike, well, that is not true. I did not even bike to primary school but that was because it was only 5 min walking. After primary school, I have been biking in many cities in the Netherlands and in cities where I stayed for a longer period because of work, such as Harbin in China, Zagreb in Croatia, Bucharest, Romania and of course in Sofia. Each city is different; each city has its own legal rules and informal rules based on common sense. Biking in Sofia is not too difficult. Compared to other cities, it is not too busy and the traffic is in general very tolerant (certainly compared to the Netherlands!). For me, the most important “rule” in Sofia is to make sure I am visible. Drivers are not used to bikes in traffic which means I have to put some extra effort in being visible. How that works? Come to our lessons and you will find out!

sashoAlexander Glavchev

While riding my bike in high school, I was hit by the “brilliant” idea that I can use the bike for transportation, not just for fun. Since then it’s been quite a few years and now the bike is my primary means of moving around in town. I think Sofia has a lot of potential to become a cycling city – is relatively flat and many people are willing to break out of congestion. Cycling in the capital is rather easy. The most important rule, which, I believe, one must observe to ensure that you are seen by others. Look ahead and around you and make eye contact with pedestrians and motorists.

Last update: 2015.01.28